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We love seeing our boards in use for announcements and this is one of the best kinds to make! Tristan Hankla's adoption touched us, and we wanted to hear all about the process and his own personality. We reached out to his mom, Helen, to get the details. 

This is one of our favorite photos ever. Just in case folks aren’t familiar, tell us a little bit about the photo. 
THANK YOU!! We made up this board to announce Tristan’s adoption. We wanted to post something that would be in keeping with the way our family functions, and we thought this silly Napoleon Dynamite quote would be a uniquely casual, slightly comical way to announce such a big family transition. 
How did you meet Tristan?
We met Tristan in February 2017 when he literally busted through our front door like he owned it. He was placed on our home through foster care, and he quickly settled in and became fast-friends with our two boys.
Tell us about the adoption process.
After about a year of fostering Tristan, we were given the opportunity to adopt him. With prayerful consideration, we came to know that it was the right decision: a loving, natural fit that would keep the family and community he’d come to know & trust together. 

How has the transition from 4 to 5 been for you and your family?
The transition from 4 to 5 was a shock! At {so many} times, it’s been unbelievably hard, heart-wrenching, frustrating, and overwhelming -- I’ve likened it to throwing a grenade into a well-oiled machine. But through the ups and downs, we’ve held tightly to hope, looking for ways to glorify God and develop character, individually and as a family. Now, the hard days are fewer and farther between, and we’re so grateful for our trio of sweet boys {and all of the chaos that seems to follow them}.
What advice do you have for others considering or already in the process of adoption?
For people going through any piece of the foster-to-adopt process, remember the reason you got into it -- whether to grow your family, or simply to serve by giving a child in care a loving, safe space for a while -- and continue to re-center yourself. Then look for opportunities to laugh together -- nothing forges bonds better than laughter! And most importantly, remember that prayer & community are absolutely vital to the longevity of your mission! 
What’s Tristan’s favorite food?

Cheeseburger with ketchup, sans those healthy veggies. ;)

And we always like to ask: what’s currently on your letter board? 

It’s been made up to celebrate my husband’s 34th birthday!