📷: @katieshira

How can you not smile (or happy cry) looking at this photo! Tell us a little about Jett’s story.

Jett came to us through foster care in December of 2015 (when he was 2 months old). And after 821 days in foster care he was adopted into our family officially. This picture is on his adoption day surrounded by friends and family who loved him dearly! 

It looks like you also announced that you were pregnant a few days after Jett’s adoption! What kind of emotions were you feeling that day?

I was 5 months pregnant when we finally announced the new baby. It was really important to us to wait and let Jett have his adoption day. We waited so long for his adoption and we didn’t want anything to overshadow it. But once we announced our pregnancy 3 days after adoption we were relieved to have it out in the open because I was starting to show! 

I remember feeling strong kicks in my belly while Jett was sitting in my lap as the judge officially announced his new name. That was one of the neatest and most emotional moments of my life. 

For someone interested in adopting, what words of advice would you offer to help them in their journey?

The foster to adopt road is long and hard. 821 days in the foster system is a long time. Our biggest encouragement would be.... endurance. There’s children in need. Commit to the process if you feel called to it. It is worth it in the end, but not without bumps in the road. 

And what advice would you have for friends and loved ones of adopting parents who want to support and help?

Treat it like you would a baby being born into a family! As far as helping with items they need, cooking meals, check on the parents, ask about the kids by name, offer to pick up groceries. It is a major change in their routine and lifestyle. Step up and love on them. 

How’s life with two little dudes?

Life with two boys is the best. Exhausting, rowdy, busy, rambunctious, cuddly and sweet. I love being a boy mom. I love watching them be brothers. Jett is Tripp’s favorite person. We cannot imagine not having Jett be Tripp’s big brother. Their relationship is sweet to watch. 

What is currently on your letter board?

Go bravely; go deeply - or do not go.