📷: @katelynrutbrown 

Maybe it's because we are getting ready to add another member to team Letterfolk, but lately we have been baby crazy! As soon as we saw Katelyn's adorable twins, we were immediately attached. Pretty soon, we will also have three kids and we wanted to ask Katelyn how she does it. She shared some great stories and tips about raising twins. 

To start off, tell us about your cute twins.

My baby girls are four months old, born on October 3rd 2017. I was 37 weeks pregnant and ready to pop and begging my doctor to please take them out. Twin pregnancies are no joke. Baby A is Rosemary "Rosie" Lynn Brown. She's named after my husband's granny Rosemary and my mother, Lynn. Baby B is Lula Mae Brown. She's named after my great-grandma on my dad's side. They are fraternal twins and very different not only in size, but also their personalities already. Rosie is five pounds heavier than Lula. Rosie is a cuddle bug and Lula is just busy. I love that they are so different.

What was your initial reaction when you found out that you were not only pregnant, but that you were also having twins? 

 We had been trying to have another baby for what felt like an eternity. We had a few mishaps along the way, two really early miscarriages and one really devastating miscarriage at 16 weeks. I tell people I prayed so much for another baby, well begged and begged, that God finally was like, "Here take two and leave me alone." We went to our appointment and all I wanted to hear was that heartbeat, and we heard two -- two strong heartbeats. My husband and I just started laughing -- the panic came later from him. I was so excited; it was the best news. It still isn't real life. I can't believe we have two babies.  

And what did big brother Rutledge think of getting two younger sisters? 

Rutledge was stoked. He was so excited to be a big brother. We named them early on so we could talk about them as much as possible around him. He was an only child and the only grandchild, so his world was about to be rocked. We told him he was really special because not everyone gets two babies at once, so he was the lucky big brother. He has handled his role with grace; he loves them so much. I could not be more proud of my little guy, and his love for them is the sweetest. 

How has life changed going from one child to three overnight? 

I still can't believe we have three kids. The girls are awesome sleepers and generally happy babies, so the transition has not been that hard. I mean, there are two of them, so some days are super challenging and exhausting, but we have loved it. We made it past the first three months, so I feel like it's smooth sailing from here on out. Those first three months are hard no matter how many babies you have. My mom was a stay-at-home mom, and I felt like I was made to be a mother. I enjoy it so much. I also have a job, which gives me balance. I think the biggest change has been how little time I have to focus on anything at all except for my kids right now, which is fine with me because I know these days are fleeting.  

We'd love to hear some of your best multitasking hacks for taking care of two babies at once.

I have always been a believer that you bring a baby into your world and they adjust to you -- not the other way around. I was scared my whole life would be a dead-set schedule of baby feedings, changing and naps. You have to have some sort of structure with two babies because if you didn't, you'll lose your mind. We feed them, change them, and have them nap at the same time. They are on the exact same schedule. It's the only way to survive. If one gets fed, the other one has to eat as well. I let them nap on the go, but bedtime is a must at the same time every day, I mean, they are sleeping through the night, and I am not trying to mess that up. 

Strangers seem to find babies irresistible, and we'd imagine having twins must take that to a whole other level. Do you and your kids get stopped all the time when you go out? 

Yes, we are the freaks at the circus. I mean, it's 2018. You'd think people would have seen a million twins. People act like we are unicorns. When I am pushing the girls around in the stroller and my son is on his stand that is attached to the stroller, everyone has a comment. I am always amazed by what people say to me, sometimes not in a good way, but I just brush it off.  

Is there any part of parenting that gets more fun when you have two babies instead of one? 

Umm, yes! What is better than two babies? I am in baby heaven. I am a photographer, and twins are a dream come true, too. We haven't gotten to the point in their lives yet where they play and interact with each other, but I have heard the  bond and friendship they will have is amazing to watch. I am so excited to see them grow up together. 

Lastly, we always like to ask: what is currently up on your letter board?

Currently on my letter board it says "Well aren't you a sight for sore eyes?" with two big O's with periods in the middle to look like eyes. My husband put it up as I was away for a week across country for a business trip.