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There's nothing we love more than a good love story, especially when a Letterfolk board makes a small cameo to announce those momentous moments that only love creates. So we couldn't wait to ask Chandra and Noah about their elopement and all the planning (or non-planning) that came with their special wedding day!

Let’s start off with this photo. Tell us about your story!

Noah and I met on May 17, 2015 at a karaoke bar on our first date. He sung two songs that night and captured my heart. Three years later to the day, we eloped at Boston City Hall. Not too many people get married on the anniversary of their first date, because it's not easy to match the days. But it turns out it's actually really easy if you don't care what day of the week you're married!

Was this a spur of the moment decision or had you been planning it for a while?

We both knew that we wanted to get married very early on in our relationship. Time flew and the conversations became more and more serious nearing year three, but the stress of planning a traditional wedding was overwhelming. We really wanted to have a moment just for us. There was a day early in the year when we both said let's just do it. Quickly we decided why not sooner rather than later? We planned the entire elopement in about three months give or take a week.

Looks like your pups were in attendance! Were there any other less furry guests at your ceremony?

So, not really … but kind of. Our dogs are a huge part of our lives and our relationship, and it was important to us that they were a part of the day. And although we were eloping in a very real way, we wanted to glam it up at bit. We stayed in a beautiful hotel in Boston on our wedding night, we had flowers, and I had my hair and makeup done. The ladies who did my hair and makeup were the first people I saw on my wedding day. They brought mimosas and made me laugh for an hour straight. The staff at the hotel was so friendly and supportive. The folks in the Clerk's office at City Hall were so sweet and the Clerk herself was incredible. We are so happy she was the person who married us.  

The only way we'd be able to share this with our family and friends was through photographs, and we knew how important that was. Our photographer, Taylor, and her fiancee, spent the better part of the day with us. Witnessing our wedding, carrying our bags, fixing my hair, and holding our dogs in between shots. We can never repay them for capturing these memories. She was the one who got the "we eloped" shot on the letter board which we used to announce the news to our family and friends. 

When we walked outside of City Hall just after being married a construction worker took off his hard hat and wished us a lifetime of happiness. When we were taking photos in Boston Common people were clapping and cheering us on. We never felt alone on our wedding day, and all this unexpected support made it really special.

So let's talk about the logistics of eloping. Did it start and end there, or did you celebrate later with friends/family at a reception?

Eloping was our thing and it was special for us. Those days we really did keep to ourselves, but our private ceremony is actually out of character for us. We both have very big and close families and both of us have collected a ridiculous number of close friends. We knew when we decided to elope that it wasn’t going to be in order, but we would find a way to celebrate with our people. We are having a party with family and close friends at the end of this month at one of our favorite restaurants. There won’t be a seating plan or those awkward speeches, but we will be surrounded by those we love, and we can’t ask for anything more than that.

How did your friends and family react?

Our wedding evening and the following morning were spent calling, facetiming, and texting our family. We had no idea what reactions to expect but every call was a good one. People were so excited and happy for us. Their reactions were nothing but positive. It was a huge relief. I keep telling people who ask about how our families took the news that eloping is really easy and if someone truly loves you, they will love you no matter what.

And finally, what’s on your letter board right now?

Uh oh. So, confession: our letter board is the same as it was on our wedding day. But our excuse is that we have been so busy going on a mini-moon and planning our reception that we haven’t had a chance to change it! BUT both of our letter boards are going to be a part of our party. We plan on using them to share our wedding hashtag and to welcome people to Boston!