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How many times have you lost something you thought would be impossible to lose? For Kristin, it came in the form of her son’s biggest toy: a giant teddy bear! In the process of a move, this teddy bear went missing and the picture of the reunion between boy and bear is priceless. After seeing this photo, we had to ask Kristin how this all came about and where that bear was hiding! 

To start off, tell us the story behind this photo?

Last summer we loaded up the family and moved from Indiana to Missouri. We basically moved twice before settling into our permanent home. Meanwhile, 90% of our belongings sat in storage for 6 months. Once settled in, we slowly introduced old toys to our one- and two-year-old sons. (I'm pretty sure they thought we were hiding a Toys“R”Us in our basement.) One night at dinner, the bear came to my mind. I made the mistake of saying out loud, “What ever happened to that big bear?” My husband was equally clueless. We looked for a few days here and there. It quickly became a hot topic. False accusations were even thrown around that possibly the movers had thrown him away. Oh the horror. 

Where did you eventually find this bear hiding? 

One fine morning, I looked again in a closet that we don't use often. I opened a trash bag of what I thought were summer clothes, and out fell an enormous paw. I actually jumped a little. My dear husband who has no recollection of it, had efficiently stuffed him in into the bag “space- saver” style -- making him 1/4 of his actual size. So basically I won that day. 

What was your son's reaction to being reunited with his lost bear? 

There was dancing. There was rejoicing. My oldest wanted to know exactly where his poor bear had been held captive. The one-year-old did not remember the bear at all, so I think he was in a state of shock.

And how does mom really feel about this giant bear? 

Ya know, I love seeing the joy on their faces. I just don't know that we really needed another member in the family. I consider him a piece of furniture and that makes it manageable.

Did distance make the heart grow fonder, or has your son moved on to other toys?

For those first few days, they were inseparable. Like, ol' bear almost ended up in the bath one night. And “Boys, that's where Mama draws the line.” The newness has worn off a bit, but the love is still strong.

Lastly, we always like to ask: what is currently up on your letter board?

"Sunshine On My Mind"