📷: @arrowsandbow

RV living usually makes us think of grandparents driving their RV south during the winter in search of warmer weather. When we saw Ashley's Instagram feed full of well-designed rooms, it bucked the stereotypical idea we've had of RV life. We got the chance to ask her how she uses space so well and what it's like living in her RV home. 

To start off, tell us about how you decided to take your family on the road and live in an RV.

We purchased land in SoCal to build a house, and we had a lot of options of what we could do with that time while we build. So we decided to buy and renovate an  RV to live in. Because why not?! We just wanted to experience life differently. 

What was the construction/design process like? 

It took us 3 weeks to renovate the RV. It’s was perfectly old inside -- no major damage, so it was mostly cosmetic.

What are the pros and cons of RV living? 

Pros of living in the RV are definitely what it’s done to our family. We’ve been all jammed together (literally) so you’re kinda forced to make things work. It’s been a stretch, but in a good way. Our kids have learned to live with so much less. Cons? We don’t have a washer and dryer. I have 3 kids and we live on land, so things get diiirty! 

Where is your favorite place you have parked your home? 

We haven’t moved it, yet! We are hoping to take it to the beach in Malibu this summer. 

Are we the only ones among your followers who are confused by the way you make the inside of your RV look like well-designed rooms in a normal house?

Haha, most people don’t know it’s an RV at first glance. Which is so funny. Probably because I’m living in it and you guys aren’t. But that was truly my goal. If we were gonna be here for a while, it had to feel like home.  

 How are you able to do so much with such little space? 

I really just focus on things I love and that feel like my style and our family. And things need to serve a purpose -- I like pretty but functional.  

What are some of your best space-saving hacks for people living in smaller living spaces? 

I always tell people to start with less. For some reason, we have a hard time getting rid of things, like we feel bad and that we’re being wasteful. But in reality, we are kinda just slaves to our stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I love certain things, but it’s been very freeing living with less. 

Tell us what's changed raising your kids while living in an RV? We want to hear the good and the bad!

Well we are all living in 180 sq ft. So when someone is in a bad mood, we are all a part of it. We’ve been put through the test of patience and grace and forgiveness, which is a never-ending thing. The kids have learned to play with less, use their imaginations, and they actually play better together. I’d say showering has been interesting. While we do have a shower and we’re connected to water, it’s a bit of a routine. Luckily, we don’t have any neighbors because one of the kids is usually running around naked! 


Do you have any scheduled upcoming trips taking your home on the road?

We really want to take the RV to the beach this summer. 

Lastly, we always like to ask: what is currently up on your letter board?

Currently we have “ A huge torrent cannot extinguish Love; rivers cannot sweep it away.“